Kobra FlexPack Desktop is the ideal ecological and economical solution when it comes to packaging material. There is no need to throw used cardboards to waste anymore. Pack your products with the cardboards you already have and protect your objects in the best, safest, cheapest way. Kobra FlexPack Desktop transforms used cardboard boxes into filling material either as a packing and cushioning material or as a filling material for safe deliveries of any product. FlexPack Desktop simultaneously cuts and perforates cardboard to create high-quality packaging material. This will help to save costs, time and to protect the environment.

Trade Agreement Act (TAA) and Buy American Act Compliant.

Throat width: 17 inch
Entry height: 0.45 inch
Grid dimension: 15/64 x 2 23/64 inch
Speed: 115 Volt / 60 Hz
Noise Level: 58 dB(A)
Weight: 90 lb
Power: 0.8 HP
Dimensions (WxDxH): 25 x 14.5 x 13 inch
Material: Cardboard, up to 180 lb/hour
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