Elcoman, made in Italy top quality for over 35 years

Elcoman is one of the largest worldwide manufacturers of document and all media (electronic, magnetic and optical media), data shredder: 150.000 units/year which are totally designed and manufactured in Italy.

KOBRA products are sold in over 90 countries around the world.

We produce officially certified products

The KOBRA brand is globally recognized for efficient and high quality products certified and compliant to European and international standards.

KOBRA products are second to none: all KOBRA shredders comply with recognized international safety standards. The high quality you expect from Made in Italy makes each item unique at the leading edge of the market.

Global market leader in data security

System for the use of stored energy

Elcoman is an italian, family run company which operates with a unique combination of entrepreneurial energy and understated style. We are born to do and are passionate about innovating and making outstanding quality products.

We work to develop and to deliver products which are the best solutions for data security: easy to use, reliable and of uncomparable quality.

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Our values

Reliabile and high added value products

Each KOBRA product is designed and built with obsessive attention to detail, aiming at perfection and the outcome is a product second to none.

Elcoman can guarantee that each and every part is made with painstaking attention to detail using the most reliable and durable materials - just take a look at our knives, blades, chain and steel gears. Kobra shredders are equipped with 24 hour continuous duty motors for long shredding operations.

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Cutting edge technologies

We offer innovative products with a distinctive combination of style and performance

We are constantly searching for innovative solutions. An intelligent approach to product innovation and commerce, inspired by insights from offices around the world, the Elcoman family's entrepreneurship and commitment to new ideas. We have tirelessly kept on innovating and will continue to develop our products because we want to offer our customers that 'extra-ordinary' feeling that makes every Kobra product just excellent.

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Our history

Elcoman delivers high quality products, technology and innovation since 1985

All innovations and developments have been pioneered and brought into the shredder market by Elcoman during the last 30 years.


ELCOMAN begins to manufacture paper shredders in Italy. The company is the first manufacturer to pioneer the electronic eyes system for auto start/stop. The first shredder line is basically built using metal while any plastic material was limited to few components.

The cross cut technology for high security shredders has been developed. Elcoman starts a cooperation and an intensive project with Mario Saroldi, an industrial designer working in the automotive business which leads to the introduction of a new range of paper shredders.


A high precision and sturdy gear box is developed and patented by Elcoman. This unique driving system is still today at the heart of the KOBRA range. Reliability and long-lasting operation are the features of this driving system: the new KOBRA range is exported in 70 countries worldwide. In 1997 Elcoman's manufacturing system is Certified ISO 9000.

The KOBRA 240 range is launched on the market and it's the first shredder capable to shred CDs/DVDs and Floppy Disks in addition to paper with a 24 hours continuous duty motor allowing continuous shredding operations without the unconveniences of stops for overheating or duty cycle. Research and innovation lead to the development of a new model suitable for centralized shredding operations where a full office waste bin can be emptied into the shredder's hopper.


The National Security Agency of the US Government sets the global strictiest standards for shredding of classified documents. A new KOBRA HS-6 line is developed: the new line is approved by the NSA and included into the NSA-EPL list of approved shredders.

In 2005 Elcoman patents the exclusive Energy Smart System controlling the electrical consumption in stand-by mode and automatically turning the machine in power save mode in case of no use.New KOBRA models are equipped with an Automatic Oiling System and Throw and Shred System together with a double set of kutting knives which become standard in selected KOBRA models.

A Touch Screen technology is developed to control the shredder's functions and together with LED display. The Automatic Oiling System and the Metal Detection System are options for High Security machines. Safe and fast shredding are allowed through new conveyour belt or automatic feeding systems.


Elcoman proves again to be at the leading edge of the data security market by developing the Kobra SSD disintegrator, a special Solid State Drive shredder capable to reduce in powder Smartphones, Tablets, USBs, eletronic cards, credit cards, CDs and DVDs.

The lastest Elcoman development is the Hybrid Technology: the Kobra Hybrid System utilized the energy stored during each shredding cycle to improve efficiency and to disconnect the machine from power supply, allowing up to 15% of shredding through the stored energy.