Multi-purpose heavy duty industrial shredder

Throat width: 13 x 19 inch
Shred size: variable from P-2 to P-5, depending on the screen
Paper capacity: up to 500 sheets
Capacity: up to 490 lb/hour
Container volume: 100 gallons

Kobra Cyclone is the ultimate development in shredding technology. Blades rotating at a very high speed combined with the power of a turbine providing the unit with an airflow allow the shredding of up to 500 sheets of paper at a time as well as the shredding of many other types of materials into 5 different available particle sizes. The size of the particles (Security Level) can be chosen when ordering the machine and it will always be possible to change the Security Level any time after installation of the unit with a simple operation to adapt to any shredding need. The lowest security level sets the machine for minimum bulk reduction of shredded material and maximum shredding output per hour; the highest security level sets the machine for high security shredding and maximum bulk reduction. Kobra Cyclone is also equipped with an integrated vacuum system specifically designed to provide the operator with clean and dust free shredding environment. The Cyclone is built with a double insulated shredding chamber and special plastic outer housing enclosure for low noise operation. Kobra Cyclone can reach an impressive shredding output of 420 kg (940 lbs) per hour (Theoretical output) without requiring any oiling of cutting knives or special maintenance.

The special accessory Kobra Compactor C-500 reduce by 4-5 times the volume of the shredded paper.

Certification marks: ETL - CB - CE. Approved for UK Government use. Trade Agreement Act (TAA) and Buy American Act Compliant.

Consumable materials:

- 100 gal regular plastic waste bags (50 pcs per box, code CB-93)

- 100 gal heavy duty plastic waste bags (5 pcs per box, code CB-93HD)

- Filter bags (10 pcs, code CF-13)

- Security level screens: Screen Level 002 code n. CX-002, Screen Level 003 code n. CX-003, Screen Level 004 code n. CX-004, Screen Level 005 code n. CX-005, Screen Level 006 code n. CX-006

Throat width: 13 x 19 inch
Shred: Cross cut
Shred size: variable, depending on the screen
Security level (preview) (from P-2 to P-5)
Security Level ISO/IEC 21964 (DIN 66399): 002, 003, 004 respectively similar to P-2, P-2/P-3, P-4
Sheet capacity (automatic feeder): Up to 500 sheets at a time
Capacity: up to 490 lb/hour - Credit cards: up to 45.000/hour - CD/DVD/Blu-ray: up to 15.000/hour - Floppy-disks: 7.000/hour
Shreddable materials: Paper, Cardboard, Credit cards, Credit cards with chip, CDs/DVDs/Blu-ray and Floppy disks, plastic bottles, alluminium cans
Cabinet: 100 gallons
Noise Level: 75-85 dB(A)
Voltage: 3 phases 208 Volts / 50 Amps
Weight: 970 lb
Power: 8 HP
Dimensions (WxDxH): 32 x 85 x 84 inch
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