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BAMBOU KOBRA is a unique, new, revolutionary hand sanitizer dispenser: it is the final result of an idea developed by Elcoman as an answer to a new need that changed our way of living, finally becoming an everyday gesture. Even as we recover from this global crisis, the importance of sanitization is going to be increasing more and more.

Bambou combines health, safety, reliability, elegance and technology into a slick design capable of adapting to different high-end locations in the best and most flexible ways due to its fluid and modular design. The object consists of a sinuous steel body that - thanks to a sophisticated internal technology - guarantees the solidity of the product while allowing its customization and flexibility in multiple shapes and positions.

Strength and resilience, completely foldable on itself, as a bamboo it opens and unfolds into a desired shape up to 140 cm height by 49 cm in width to become a unique, personal and exclusive piece of design. LED technology and electronic sensors allow automatic gel dispensing with anti-drip system. Bambou Kobra is also able to project a customizable distinctive sign on the floor to make it yours, even more.

Addressing a high-end public ranging from private individuals to the world of luxury shops, hotels, art and design, jewelries and lifestyle all the way to the world of starred restaurants, Bambou Kobra has been conceived to offer a prestigious and sophisticated product, able to overcome its primary function of sanitizing and becoming a real object of furniture for the most important environments.

A true iconic masterpiece.

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