Elcoman is committed to develop “Green" business models and “Green” products

Elcoman is committed to develop “Green” business models and “Green” products in order to make our KOBRA brand more and more sustainable. Here are the main actions and solutions we have implemented and adopted.


Elcoman is a member of Sedex. Sedex is a global membership organization dedicated in improving environmental, ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains. Elcoman is committed to improve company performances, to reduce social risks and to enhance its sustainable environmental impact.


Research and Development department of Elcoman is always looking for new ecological materials to manufacture its own KOBRA products and for solutions to decrease energy consumption in the working space and production.

– All products comply with the RoHS directive preventing the risks posed to human health and the environment related to the management of electronic and electrical waste.

– Most of the KOBRA cabinets are built with recycled and recyclable material, basically recycled wood already coming from 100% FSC certified forests complyig to standards FSC-STD -40-004 v 3.0 and FSC-STD-40-007 v2.0

– When other materials are used, we make sure that metal and plastics are totally recyclable


The most advanced systems to save Energy during the operation of the KOBRA products have been patented by Elcoman.

KOBRA Hybrid System: Hybrid Technology utilizes energy stored during each shredding cycle, disconnecting the machine from power supply

– The KOBRA Touch Screen line is equipped with a energy saving system which automatically disconnects the equipment from the power supply in case of no use for zero electrical consumption

– All KOBRA models are equipped with the Energy Smart System patented by Elcoman to save energy in stand by after few seconds of no use.


Sustainability can be achieved not only by manufacturing sustainable products, but also with the behavior of the people working at the office with the use of sustainable products.

– Many KOBRA models automatically separate plastic shreds from paper shreds in two distinct containers making waste sorting easier.

– Home office and desk side models can be operated without the use of plastic bags

– High volume KOBRA models are delivered with reusable waste container made with fabric


An evaluation of the use and the impact of packaging from an environmental point of view, given the limited time in which they often end their useful life and turn into waste, led Elcoman to search for more ecological solutions.

KOBRA FlexPack: a unique machine turning used cartons into packaging materials replacing the conventional plastic packaging materials like bubble wrap film, styrofoam, etc

– All KOBRA products are packed with recyclable materials.