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If you are looking for an HDD shredder, find out more about the Kobra shredding machine designed and manufactured to erase your digital data.

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Products Made in Italy and state-of-the-art technology

For over 35 years, at our Italian manufacturing site near Milan, we have been designing and making machines that can destroy documents and data stored on any kind of media, such as our HDD shredder. To ensure high performance and maximum durability for all of our devices, we use only state-of-the-art technology and top-quality materials, such as steel gears and carbon cutting knives.

Our experience, expertise and products Made in Italy have given us a leadership position in the shredding industry. In fact, Elcoman is the global leader for the manufacture and distribution of these types of devices. We export to more than 90 countries all over the world.

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The protection of the environment is an issue that concerns the well-being and development of society and it is about of a duty for everyone. Our company is committed to the constant research and development of technologies for environmental protection.

A machine that erases all your data

Kobra HDD is our hard disk drive shredder that can destroy CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Optical Drives, Hard Drives up to 3.5” and many other devices. The 24/7 continuous operation motor fitted to the device produces very low noise levels. The unit can be connected to a standard office outlet. This HDD shredder can destroy up to 340 3.5” hard drives per hour to a particle size of 40 mm width, variable length.

When disposing of PCs or other HDD devices, corporations and industries should always reduce the possibility of confidential information being leaked. On request, we can also provide the MAGPRO 100 Hard Disk degausser, approved by the NSA, which can completely erase all digital data stored on any type of magnetic media, making its recovery impossible. Our products are also EPL listed, which means they have been evaluated and approved by NATO.

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Shredding machine for all types of media and ancillary equipment

In addition to our HDD shredding machine, we also have devices that can destroy data and documents stored on any type of media or material, from printed paper to SSDs, and even aluminum cans or plastic bottles. These machines can have different shredding volumes and various bin sizes, so that they meet all requirements, from small-scale manufacturing units to the largest corporations. For our customers, we can also provide a range of ancillary equipment, such as paper compactors, recycling shredders for cardboard, guillotines and trimmers.

If you are looking for an HDD shredder for your offices or manufacturing plants, visit our website and find out more about our devices.

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