KOBRA 300 HS-6

Professional high security shredder for medium sized offices

Throat width: 300 mm
Shred size: 0,8 x 5 mm (P-7) cross cut
Sheet capacity: 5-6 (A4 70gr), 5 (A4 80gr)
Container volume: 85 liters

High security classic line shredder suitable to shred "Classified" and "Top Secret" documents. Approved by many international Governments and Military Bodies, it's also being used by the US Department of States, the CIA and the National Security Agency. Kobra 300 HS-6 comes with steel cabinet, sturdy steel gears and two metal chain drive systems which offer reliability and resistance to wear, carbon hardened steel cutting knives. Motor thermal protection: 24 hour continuous duty double motor drive technology without overheating and duty cycle. It can shred a paper sheet in about 20.000 micro-chips which become absolutely unreadable even if special electronic devices are used. The special 0,8 x 5 mm mm (P-7) cut meets the latest shredding standards (NSA/CSS Specification 02-01) issued by the National Security Agency of the US Government.

Equipped with Energy Smart system with optical indicators for power saving stand-by mode, automatic Start&Stop, Automatic reverse in case of jamming. The Safety stop system detects the door opening and automatically stops the cutting knives, 85 litre high quality steel cabinet mounted on casters.

Certification marks: ETL - CB - CE. NSA EPL Listed.

Options available: automatic oiler, document shelf

Consumable materials:

- plastic waste bags

- Kobra oil to lubricate the cutting knives, box of 24 bottles 125 cc each

- Kobra oil for Accu Flow to lubricate the cutting knives, box of 24 bottles 1 liter each

Throat width: 300 mm
Shred: High security cross cut
Shred size: 0,8 x 5 mm
Security level (preview) (P-7)
Security Level ISO/IEC 21964 (DIN 66399): P-7 F-3
Sheet capacity: 5-6 (A4 70gr), 5 (A4 80gr)
Shreddable materials: Paper, Films
Cabinet: 85 liters
Speed: 0,08 m/sec
Noise Level: 58-61 dB(A)
Voltage: 230 Volt
Weight: 38 Kg
Power: 920 Watt
Dimensions (WxDxH): 41 x 31 x 83 cm
Security level
Sheet capacity (sheets at a time)
Shredding output (sheets per hour)
Waste bulk reduction


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