Professional high security touch screen shredder for medium-large sized offices

Throat width: 12.2 inch
Shred size: 0.8 x 5 mm (P-7) cross cut
Sheet capacity: up to 6
Container volume: 36 gallons

Professional high security touch screen shredder suitable to shred "Classified" and "Top Secret" documents: all controls are activated by simply touching the panel. Motor thermal protection: two 24 hour continuous duty motors without overheating and duty cycle, carbon hardened steel cutting knives. Kobra 310 TS HS-6 can shred a paper sheet in about 20.000 0,8 x 5 mm mm (P-7) micro-chips which become absolutely unreadable even if special electronic devices are used. The 0,8 x 5 mm mm cut size exceeds the NSA/CSS Spec. 02-01 National Security Agency requirements. It can shred transparent material too. Heavy duty chain drive with steel gears which offer reliability and resistance to wear. Kobra 310 TS HS-6 comes with an integrated Automatic Oiling System that protects the blades with anti-corrosive agents and ensures maximum efficiency and capacity.

Equipped with: EPC (Electronic Power Control) to optimize shredding without jams, Energy Smart System and automatic disconnection from the mains for maximum power saving, Automatic Start&Stop, Safety Stop at door opening and/or full waste bag, Automatic Reverse in case of jamming. Convenient 36 gallon cabinet mounted on casters.

Options available: separated cutting unit for CDs/DVDs/credit cards (separation of shredded materials in two bins)

Certification marks: CB - CE - CSA. NATO approved. Approved for UK Government use (for details contact CPNI). NSA EPL Listed.

Consumable materials:

- plastic bags, 50 pcs./box (art. code SB-35)

- Kobra Oil to lubricate the cutting knives (7 oz bottle, art. code SO-1032)

- Kobra Oil for AO Automatic Oiler to lubricate the cutting knives (one quart bottle, art. code SO-1532)

Throat width: 12.2 inch
Shred: High security cross cut
Shred size: 0.8 x 5 mm
Security level (preview) (P-7)
Security Level ISO/IEC 21964 (DIN 66399): P-7 F-3
Security Level ISO/IEC 21964 (DIN 66399) separated cutting unit for CD/DVD: O-1 T-2 E-2
Sheet capacity: up to 6
Shreddable materials: Paper, Films
Separated cutting unit for CD/DVD shreddable materials: Credit cards, Credit cards with chip, CDs/DVDs/Blu-ray disks
Cabinet: 36 gallons
Speed: 19 ft/min
Noise Level: 58 dB(A)
Voltage: 115 Volt / 60 Hz
Weight: 123 lb
Power: 1.5 HP
Dimensions (WxDxH): 21.2 x 17.2 x 38.4 inch
Security level
Sheet capacity (sheets at a time)
Shredding output (sheets per hour)
Waste bulk reduction


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