Optical media and document high security professional shredder

Throat width: 9.5 inch (paper) + 5.0 inch (CD/DVD)
Shred size (paper): 0.8 x 5 mm (P-7) cross cut
Shred size (CD/DVD): 1.5 x 2 mm (O-6) cross cut
Capacity: up to 14 sheets
Capacity (CD/DVD): up to 2,550 disks/hour
Container volume: 29 gallons (for paper) + 22 gallons (for plastic)

Suitable for combined high security shredding operations of "Top Secret" documents, optical media (CD/DVD/Blu-ray) and credit cards/badges. Kobra 400 HS6 COMBI meets the current requirements of NSA/CSS "Paper shredder Specification". Optical Destruction Device Specification exceeds the ASIO T-4 standards for the highest level of destruction of Optical Media. Kobra 400 HS6 COMBI can shred up to 2.100 optical media per hour through the special 1,5 x 2 mm cutting system, which is the highest security level today available for optical media meeting the strictest Military and Governments shredding needs. The tiny size of the shreds doesn't allow retrieving or reading any information left on small optical media particles even through specific and dedicated electronic equipments.

Kobra 400 HS6 COMBI is equipped with a second cutting system with the 0.8 x 5 mm mm cut (Level P-7) providing high security shredding of "Top Secret" documents; Energy Smart System for zero power consumption in stand-by mode, powerful 24 hour continuous duty motor without overheating or duty cycle. Kobra 400 HS6 COMBI comes with an automatic oiling system as standard feature: the auto-oiler lubricates the cutting heads in specific timing intervals based on usage and will keep the cutting blades clean, lubricated and at their maximum efficiency at all times.

Certification marks: ETL - CB - CE. Approved by ASIO - Australian Security Intelligence Organization. NSA EPL Listed (paper). Trade Agreement Act (TAA) and Buy American Act Compliant.

Consumable materials:

- 29 gallon plastic waste bags, 100 pcs./box (art. code 99.206)

- 21 gallon permanent fabric waste bag for plastic shreds (art. code 51.072)

- Kobra Oil to lubricate the cutting knives, 5 bottles of 0.26 gallons each (art. code 51086)

Throat width: 9.5 inch (paper) + 5.0 inch (CD/DVD)
Shred: High security cross cut
Shred size: Paper: 0.8 x 5 mm, CD/DVD: 1.5 x 2 mm
Security level (preview) (P-7)
Security Level ISO/IEC 21964 (DIN 66399): P-7 O-6 T-6 E-5 F-3
Sheet capacity: up to 14
Capacity: up to 2,550 disks per hour
Shreddable materials: CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs, Paper, EMV credit card, Magnetic stripe card, CAC ID, SIM card, film
Cabinet: 29 gallons (for paper) + 22 gallons (for plastic)
Speed: 30 ft/min
Noise Level: 60 dB(A)
Voltage: 115 Volt / 60 Hz
Weight: 246 lb
Power: 2.9 HP
Dimensions (WxDxH): 23.5 x 19 x 36.5 inch
Security level
Sheet capacity (sheets at a time)
Shredding output (sheets per hour)
Waste bulk reduction


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