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Nowadays, it is increasingly important to implement behaviors that help to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment, such as preferring solutions that help save electricity and choosing to use eco-friendly materials.

The new KOBRA FLEXPACK cardboard shredder is designed to recycle used cardboard by transforming it into ecological material for packaging: it is thus possible to avoid the use of plastic (a non-ecological material). Reusing used cardboard to transform it into a practical and effective packaging material saves time and money by eliminating costs and waiting times for the purchase of other materials. In addition, less space is required for the storage of other different materials.

The perforated cardboard obtained from the processing of corrugated cardboard is flexible and versatile, it adapts easily to protect different objects and to fill empty spaces in boxes.

KOBRA FLEXPACK can be supplied, on request, with the vacuum cleaner DCS-500, to obtain dust-free packaging material.

Kobra products have always been offering solutions that match performance and safeguard ​​the environment. The recent Hybrid energy management system enables to shred up to 15% of documents using stored energy; the Energy Smart System allows significant energy saving in stand-by mode: automatic shutdown after 4 hours of non-use prevents the shredder from accidentally staying on beyond normal office hours. These technologies, such as high-efficiency motors installed on Kobra industrial machines, are just a few examples of the advanced technological systems that Kobra products are equipped with.

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