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If you are looking for document destruction devices, discover Kobra’s shredders, designed to meet all security requirements

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Innovation since 1985

For over 35 years, Elcoman has been a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of document destruction machines for all kinds of media: electronic, magnetic, optical and printed. All our products are designed and manufactured at our Italian production facility near Milan, and they are exported and distributed all over the world to more than 90 countries.

Each of our devices is available with different levels of data shredding security: there are machines with different grids and blades, according to the size of waste that you prefer. The lower the security level, the faster the destruction process; the higher the security level, the smaller the final particles.

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The protection of the environment is an issue that concerns the well-being and development of society and it is about of a duty for everyone. Our company is committed to the constant research and development of technologies for environmental protection.

Our shredding machine models

Our experience in this field has enabled us to develop machines that can destroy any type of media and material, from printed paper, SSD hardware and even plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Kobra’s document destruction machines have different shredding capacities and bin volumes so that they can meet all requirements, from small offices to large industrial concerns.

For our most demanding customers, we supply machines capable of shredding “Classified” and “Top Secret” documents into tiny pieces, ensuring the highest levels of security. Some of our machines can shred a sheet of paper sheet into about 10,000 micro-fragments which become completely illegible. These kinds of devices are approved and utilized by many government and military organizations such as the CIA and the FBI.

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Certified, high-quality products

All Kobra machines are certified and guaranteed to meet the highest American, European and international regulatory standards. This, in addition to the high quality of these products Made in Italy, gives us a leading position in the shredding machine market.

Our shredders use state-of-the-art technology and are made of materials that ensure durability and high performance. Components such as steel gears and carbon cutting blades guarantee the durability of our shredding machines for many years. In addition to document shredding machines, we can also offer our customers a wide range of ancillary tools, such as the Kobra Compactor, which can reduce the volume of the shredded paper emerging from the machine by up to one-fifth, and recycling shredders for cardboard, guillotines and trimmers.

If you are looking for document destruction machines for your offices or industrial units, find out more about our wide range of products on our website.

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